yelp class action lawsuit

Got Yanked At YELP?

You aren't the only one.  And because of the methods that Yelp employed, the false advertising, libel, slander, and defamation used when Yelp "cleaned house", and Yelp's refusal to individually review each profile/account to determine if they have made a mistake, they leave us little choice but to take Yelp to Federal Court in a Class Action Lawsuit.

Let's be perfectly clear here.  If you were gaming the system or trading reviews this site isn't for you.  So far, the innocent collateral damage appears to be just a few thousand folks or the "undisclosed number" of accounts that were deleted.  This site is for those people who were unfairly targeted by the system, writers whose work was deleted, and anyone who has been unfairly treated by Yelp.

Now that the class action suit has been filed, it is even more imperative that we gather information on the victims from around the country. I know for many of you this has been a long time coming, but rest assured, Yelp WILL have to answer for their business practices.

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